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Woman reading while sitting on her bed against a fleece backrest pillow.

Snug Pillow: The Coziest Backrest Pillow With Armrests

Whether you’re reading, studying, working or relaxing in bed, it can be quite uncomfortable to sit up for long periods of time without adequate support for your lower back, arms and neck.

You’ll find yourself bunching cushions behind you, adjusting your position every now and then, and having to take frequent breaks to ease the pressure on your body.

That’s why we created our Snug Pillow.  Snug Pillow is a backrest reading pillow that provides you with support in all the places you need it.  It’s designed to relieve pressure on your lower back with its contoured shape that hugs your body.  The detachable neck pillow provides added comfort to your neck, or it can be used elsewhere to suit your personal needs.  Snug Pillow’s arms protrude outwards to support your elbows in their natural position.

All in all, this provides you with the coziest sitting position while on your bed, couch or floor.  Snug Pillow is a must-have for working from home, so that you can work comfortably in an ergonomic sitting position.

Side view of a woman sitting in bed, reading while resting against a backrest reading pillow.

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