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Overhead image of our Snug Desk and Snug Pillow set up on a bed.

Snug: The Most Comfortable Way To Work From Home

Working from home can present you with a whole array of distractions and temptations that aren’t usually presented in your typical office environment.  This is why you should invest in the right tools to help you stay productive and focused while you enjoy working from home.

From our own experience, the issues we have with working from home is finding comfortable work setups in unconventional areas.  Since you’re at home, you can work on your bed, on your couch or really anywhere in the house.  However these environments aren’t catered to be ergonomic in any way.  That’s why we developed Snug Desk and Snug Pillow.

These two products are designed to give you the most comfortable work from home setup.  Whether you’re working on your laptop, reading a book, taking notes while watching lectures, or just relaxing.  Our Snug collection is designed to help work better by giving you optimal ergonomics no matter where you choose to work.  This makes working on your bed, couch or floor feel so much better.

Work from home comfortably with our productivity-boosting Snug Desk and Snug Pillow.

A Woman working on her laptop while sitting on the floor. She's using our portable laptop bed desk, Snug Desk and our backrest reading pillow with arms, Snug Pillow.

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