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Woman sitting in bed, using a laptop bed desk to work on her laptop comfortably.

Snug Desk: The Most Versatile Portable Laptop Desk

Working from home is the new norm, so it’s important to get your setup right to stay productive throughout the day.

Your most important consideration when optimizing your workflow should be, “am I comfortable?”.  You’ll find that most of your issues with staying focused are caused by poor posture.  So investing in the right tools to help you work comfortably is a no-brainer.

When working on your laptop, you want to always maintain a healthy upright posture to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on your wrists, neck and lower back.  Sitting hunched over for long periods of time won’t do you any favours.  You’ll burn out quicker, need more frequent breaks and your focus will be all over the place.

Now here’s the issue: laptops weren’t made to be ergonomic!  If you’re working in an office you can invest in an ergonomic chair, desk and perhaps a laptop stand to bring your screen to eye-level.  This would prevent you from needing to hunch over and give you a more comfortable work setup overall.  But you’re at home...  So what about when you want to work from the comfort of your bed or while you’re lounging on the couch?

Typically you’d have your laptop on your lap, sit up and work away with terrible posture.  There’s really no getting around it as you’d have to curve your back to look down at your screen.  That’s where our Snug Desk comes into play.

Now, you can enjoy working from home with Snug Desk, a portable laptop desk that provides you with the most versatile surface to work on.  Instead of having to hunch over, Snug Desk lets you elevate and angle your laptop in the right position for perfect ergonomics.

It's intelligently designed with plenty of storage options, an integrated bookstand, and a premium high-grip work surface to keep your things planted.  Snug Desk has everything you need to stay productive, in a compact, foldable form-factor.  It's the desk you can take anywhere.

Woman working on her laptop in bed using a laptop bed desk.

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